What It Is

The Aura Video Station is an advanced piece of equipment that uses biofeedback technology (the same type of technolgy used in EEG and MRI scans) to produce stunning, vivid depictions of the aura.

Here’s how it works…

1. Clients put their hand on a biofeedback hand sensor. The Aura Video Station then measures the client’s electronic signature, body temperature, and skin conductivity.

2. The Aura Video Station interprets this data as an aura color. Different colors correspond to different personality traits — for example, red represents someone who is high-energy and assertive; violet represents someone who is introspective and quiet.

3. The Aura Video Station automatically prepares and prints several reports. These reports provide your clients powerful information about their energy, mind-body connection, and spiritual condition.

4. Now you can make recommendations for treatment or useful products. Armed with this information, you can help your clients achieve a more balanced and harmonious life!